We are very proud & excited to announce an experimental 4 in 1 instant photo camera now available for hire at events!

Using a vintage Polaroid Passport Camera made in the 80’s converted to use SX-70 film still currently in production by Polaroid.

Some features that we love:
✅ It’s a portable camera that can be taken anywhere
✅ You can choose between 4 different poses, 4 of the same or 2 poses on each corner all in the 1 Polaroid
✅ Available in Colour & B&W SX-70 film

Your guests will love this camera option & leave home with unique, 1 of 1, original 4 shot instant photos not found anywhere else! It’s truly 1 of a kind.

For an additional fee we can also offer more customisable options such as branded frames for corporate, private events or weddings.

Examples Below…

Branded Frames via Photoflyer
Sticker Frame via MSPS Adelaide Printing

A scanner is provided so your guests can leave with digital copies!

Costs include the price of film required for the amount of guests, time spent at the event, travel fee depending on location & the service fee.


Feel free to contact us anytime if your interested in booking this camera for your event!


Instagram: @atownbooth.au


For an additional fee we can offer enlarged prints, also available in different colours of you & your guests favourite colour of choice.

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Example Photos:

All example images taken by @cartrbrown