The YouTube videos below are excellent examples of our Analog Photo Booth’s inner workings.

Our photo booths are vintage, original, and use the classic ‘Dip & Dunk’ photo processing method.


How it works:

  1. Insert $8 in $1 and $2 gold coins or tap your card if the reader is installed.
  2. A camera inside the booth captures four photos, which are exposed onto a strip of paper.
  3. The paper strip is then cut and fed into a mechanical spider arm.
  4. The spider arm guides the strip through a series of chemical baths (Developer, Toner, Bleach, Fixer, and Water).
  5. After processing, the spider arm feeds the developed strip out, providing your four-pose photo strip in 4-7 minutes.


For further details on booth hire, including transportation, maintenance, and more, visit our booth hire page.